Corvette Z06 for 2007: 0-60 in 3.7 Seconds, But Pricier

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We're thinking the Corvette counts as just one big gadget, and when we saw the first pictures of the 505hp Z06 model for 2007, we couldn't resist sneaking you a peek. The newest version of America's Sports Car doesn't add a whole lot of new gizmotronics, with its main addition for the 2007 model year being OnStar, a subscription-based tracking and monitoring service that will call for help if your 'Vette breaks down or is stolen.


Another minor piece of newness for the Z06 is the Atomic Orange Metallic color shown here, a similar hue the likes of which we've seen on other Corvettes preceding it. GM has also added better damping of outside noise, which, from personal experience we can tell you is pleasingly voluminous. Going 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds has to be a bit noisy, no?

A little piece of bad news is the new price for the Corvette Z06, whose base price was formerly $65,690, but now it's risen by $4310 to a lofty $70,000. Oh, well, you get what you pay for. Of course, you can get the stock, non-Z06 Corvette for about $20K cheaper. Look for all the new Corvettes to hit the streets in October.

Atomic Punk: 2007 Corvette Z06 Gets New Color, Price Bump (More pics!) [Jalopnik]



$70 grand is the price the dealers pay, but the dealer mark-up on these will be over and above that - some as much as $30K more than likely.