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This may or may not be a redesigned MacBook Pro case-we're calling it a hefty rumor like the Chinese blog that sourced it. The only major difference from current designs that we can honestly see is a series of unexplained circular indentations (possibly just from prototyping) along the Apple logo (which, incidentally, is said to no longer be backlit) and a rectangular indentation on the base.

Other reported differences that we can't see are the new Air-like keyboard and wider battery. It's also noted that the screw pattern on the case's bottom does not match the configuration of the MacBook Air, so at least the photo is not illegitimate in that particular way.


But, uhh, am I the only one wondering why the top case is 1/3 larger than the bottom case? Could these be differently-sized models? Or...differently-sized knockoffs?

Who knows, but feel free to guess away in the comments. Just know that's it's all probably fake. [Apple.Pro via Macrumors]

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