Could This Be The New Doctor's Assistant?

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Another week, another candidate to accompany the new Doctor in his new Tardis. But, unlike some earlier candidates, Hannah Murray may be a more believable choice to travel through time on a television budget.


Murray may not be as familiar a name as other actresses linked to the role of companion when Stephen Moffat takes over Doctor Who next year (including singer Lilly Allen and former Smallville villainess Kelly Brook), but that may be in her favor... as is the her familiarity with British TV audiences through the drama series Skins. UK tabloid the News of the World claims that the decision is all but made:

Han's been locked in secret chats but my BBC insider said: "Hannah did some challenging stuff in Skins and they see her as an up-and-comer. The Beeb want to keep this ultra-secret."


Well, as ultra-secret as something leaked to a newspaper can be, of course...

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