Cox Becoming a Virtual Wireless Provider Using Sprint's Network in 2009

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New details have emerged on #3 cable provider Cox Communication's plan to enter into the wireless business. Apparently, subscribers will be able to control their DVRs, watch television, and automatically sync their address book with home PCs via their cellphone. Cox will be riding on the back of Sprint to get things going in the second half of 2009, but they are planning to take control of their own 3G network and even test 4G technologies down the line. Full details are available in the press release after the break.

COX TO LAUNCH NEXT GENERATION BUNDLE WITH WIRELESS IN 2009 Company Sees Opportunity in Deeply-Bundled Customer Relationships, Integration & Simplicity ATLANTA – October 27, 2008 – Today, Cox Communications announced its plan to add wireless offerings to its bundle of award-winning entertainment and communications services, such as digital cable, high-speed Internet and telephone in 2009. The company is delivering on its promise to enable residential and business customers to take their Cox services with them wherever they go. Today’s news marks another innovative milestone in the company’s history. In 1997, Cox was the first company to introduce a voice, video and data bundle to the marketplace. Today, more than 64% of Cox customers buy multiple services from Cox and one-third subscribe to all three products. “Wireless service will be a key driver to Cox’s future growth,” said Pat Esser, president of Cox Communications. “As wireless communications enters the new generation, we are uniquely positioned to deliver the entertainment and communications services our customers want, whenever, however and wherever they want them. Our bundled customers will become even ‘stickier’ as we offer them the best customer experience. To deliver the best customer experience, we will manage every aspect of the service, from product development to marketing and sales to back-office operations and customer support and billing.” Cox will utilize the Nationwide Sprint Network to quickly enter the market in 2009. At the same time, Cox is concurrently building its own 3G wireless network for additional market launches in 2009. Cox will also test 4G technology utilizing LTE (long term evolution). Earlier this year, Cox joined CTIA (the international association for the wireless telecommunications industry), the Rural Cellular Association and CDMA Development Group (CDG). In recent years, Cox successfully acquired wireless spectrum in Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Auctions. “We’ve already invested more than $500 million to acquire wireless spectrum and to develop the infrastructure and human resources needed to architect our own advanced wireless service,” said Esser. “Our commitment is firm, and the wireless services we deliver will further the Cox experience. As consumers are increasingly adopting a mobile lifestyle, we will continue to deliver in ways that are uniquely Cox – offering the first truly integrated bundle that is easy-to-use, reliable and supported by the best customer service available.” “Cox understands the importance of leveraging content across the television, computer and mobile device,” said J. Gerry Purdy, Ph.d, vice president & chief analyst, Mobile and Wireless at Frost & Sullivan. “Given its existing business operations, Cox is well positioned to extend its local market assets for wireless and leverage its existing customer relationships in the markets it serves. This strategy is very similar to the company’s successful entry into the landline telephone business more than 10 years ago.” Cox research indicates that consumers want a simple and easy-to-use wireless service that will integrate easily with their lifestyle. Management and delivery of converged content is at the core of Cox’s wireless strategy. Cox customers will be able to use their mobile phone to access television favorites, program their DVR, access content saved on their home computer and simplify their lives with enhanced voice features. “We are in the business of making it simpler and easier for people to enjoy communications and entertainment,” said Dallas Clement, senior vice president of strategy and product management. “Ten years ago, only Cox, a cable company, had the flexibility to introduce simpler telephone plans to the marketplace. And now, with wireless, we have the flexibility yet again to introduce a simpler and better wireless offer, making it easy for consumers to continue to choose Cox as their trusted provider. It’s an exciting future for our customers.” Cox has a long history of innovation and customer service excellence. When Cox launched telephone service in 1997, it became the first company to deliver digital video, high-speed Internet and telephone service via a single network. This innovation and focus on customer service has earned the company many prestigious awards. In the last six years, Cox has received highest rankings in 15 J.D. Power and Associates Customer Satisfaction studies for telephone, video, high-speed Internet and commercial data. Cox is the only cable or telecommunications provider to earn highest satisfaction ratings across all product lines, including commercial data services.


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Then to top it off you piggyback Sprint. I would have gone with Verizon. This smells of fail. I guess this what happens when you get to greedy. I hope this doesn't set a presidence. The last thing we need are more MVWN's . Can we get our channell lineups and NETWORKS up to par before we venture off into uncharted territory...