Craigslist Is 11,000 Times Safer than Oakland

In response to a dubious "study" commissioned by a Craigslist competitor that concluded the shady handjob and used laptop mecca is "a cesspool of crime," the San Francisco Chronicle's James Temple puts things in perspective:

Law enforcement linked 330 crimes, including twelve murders and 105 robberies or assaults, to the popular San Francisco classified ads site last year, according to an analysis based on media coverage set for release this morning by the AIM Group.


Let's take a moment to put these numbers in perspective.

Craigslist has nearly 53 million unique visitors per month, according to comScore Inc. That means that 330 crimes breaks down to an effective rate of 0.000006 per visitor.

If Craigslist was a city, it'd be 146 times larger than Oakland. Yet Oakland had 116 murders, 4,488 burglaries and 4,129 felony assaults in a recent year, while Craigslist had 117 incidents across those three categories in 2010.

For those crimes, on a per population basis, Craigslist is nearly 11,000 times safer than Oakland.


So, next time you're meeting a random dude on a dark street to pick up a (probably stolen) DVD player, just remember—at least you're not in Oakland! [SF Gate]

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My brother was arriving to sf intl one night and left me his car to pick him up the radiator hose broke before the bay bridge and i had to call AAA i had only the entry level membership so the truck couldnt take me back to napa he said he will leave me in a gas station in oakland i was with my mother and we had to sleep there all night at midnight my mom woke me up and said who are those men running on the streets fighting each other and screaming i just told my mom dont move close the windows and hide we were really nervous .. I bet they were not good guys they didnt see us. We survived that without a scratch lucky us ... Now i have AAA premium and will not drive an old unreliable car to pick anybody else at the airport. And also stay away from oakland