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Crank: High Voltage Directors Talk Cameras and Filming While Rollerblading

Illustration for article titled emCrank: High Voltage/em Directors Talk Cameras and Filming While Rollerblading

As you can probably guess from their movies, Crank: High Voltage directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor have sort of a different filmmaking philosophy that's as dangerous and awesome as what they produce.


In a recent interview, the two directors discuss their need to use handheld, consumer cameras (from RED, Canon, and Sony), as well as their tendency to make the filming of their movies as badass as the movies themselves. Many of the scenes are filmed while rollerblading (sometimes while hanging onto cars), and they acknowledge that filming the Crank movies is a legitimately dangerous task.

More to our interests, Neveldine and Taylor seem to be total camera nerds, using dozens of different cameras to capture exactly the right feel for each scene. They're early adopters and even joke that "Pretty soon, I think we'll both walk to set with BlackBerrys that have HD capabalities, and then we'll just shoot the movie on our little phones."


Check out the interview, it's great to see exactly how these guys are making the sometimes-dreary action movie genre totally fun again. [Moveline]

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I'm just going to say it— this movie looks completely retarded. The moment I saw him connect a jumper cable to his tongue in order to keep him alive, I vowed never to pay to watch this movie.

There's a fine line between action and mindless action... and those directors done stepped over that line.