Crank 2: High Voltage Being Shot With Cheapo Best Buy HD Cameras, Still Ridiculous

Apparently, the only thing crazier than Crank 2: High Voltage's plot (Jason Statham survives falling a thousand stories from a helicopter, thanks to his super adrenaline heart, which is stolen by a really old Chinese dude, and his mechanical replacement needs to be constantly zapped, hence the awesome title) is the cameras they're using to shoot it. They're straight from Best Buy and Circuit City: Canon's $1000 HF10 and XH A1 (now about $3500), though they're shooting with up to 12 simultaneously, and plan to destroy loads of them throughout the process.


Interestingly, they moved away from using another RED camera because of the size and the fact that they can be as fussy as 35mm film cams. So there's definitely a pro market for $3000 pocket-sized Scarlet beyond the obvious prosumer angle—it's small, cheap and shoots at an insane res. The other takeaway is that consumer cams have really gotten to be pro, or nearly pro level, which is a great thing for the rest of us. Though Crank 2 might not be. [Collider, Thanks Steve!]


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