Red Scarlet 3K HD Pocket Pro Camera Under $3000

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Red's pocket-sized professional camera, Scarlet has made its promised debut at NAB, and it is the tiny hotness. It shoots in heady 3k resolution with Red's new 2/3-inch Mysterium X sensor, shooting from 1-120fps (180fps burst) and up to 100MB/sec REDCODE RAW HD, recording to dual Compact Flash cards. It's got Wi-Fi control (sweet), and all the necessary ports: HDMI, HD-SDI, Firewire 800 and USB2. The 4.8-inch LCD should be more than adequate on this compact HD shooter. Besides coming with an 8X T2.8 Red zoom lens, it's compatible with most Red One accessories. Price? We're hearing under $3000, set for early '09, no pre-orders. But the note that specs and delivery dates could change is a bit ominous, since the Red One saw some delays. [Red, Brochure]

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unless you're shooting a Space Shuttle launch, no one cares a crap about 50x zoom. In fact, what really matters (at least in Documentary/ENG) is how wide is this lens without a wide lens adaptor/lens flare exagerator/edge distorter - which is the only (but big) problem with built-in lenses.

I have never once -never- said "damnit, i need to zoom more so i can get a shaky shot from 4 miles away when i really should just get closer".

No, what most people say is "my FOV is too fscking narrow, i can only get one person in the shot here. OR This stupid wide angle adaptor is fringing the edges of the shot and now i have all kinds of extra lens flares (or worse, reflections of the of the lens showing up). I once had a great shot totally destroyed because all i could see was "10x Zoom 6.1", backward, in the middle of the shot.