Crash-Safe Toy Heli Always Lands Rotors Up

A few weeks ago we brought news of an experimental robot helicopter deliberately designed to crash without breaking. But what the researchers seemingly didn't realize is that Air Hogs had beat them to it with the company's Heli Cage toy that shrugs off crashes and always lands ready for takeoff.


The not-so-secret is a plastic roll cage surrounding the chopper's main rotor and fuselage. So when you inevitably bump into a wall or the ceiling, the impact of the spinning blades isn't going to send the helicopter careening across the room. And when it lands in a less-than-graceful fashion, the Heli Cage is designed to automatically right itself so you don't have to go rescue the toy before its next flight. Totally worth the $40 since it pretty much guarantees the helicopter will still be flyable a few days after its maiden voyage. [Air Hogs]

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