Create Whatever Furniture You Need With This Cardboard Building Set

If you're not going to be living too long in a place, decking out your temporary abode in recyclable cardboard furniture actually makes a lot of sense. It's cheaper than real furniture, you don't have to bring it next time you move, and with these modular TapeFlips sets you can actually build exactly the pieces you need.


Designed by Petar Zaharinov, the TapeFlips include a small selection of various-shaped cardboard pieces that can be assembled using strategically placed pieces of tape serving as hinges. It's not unlike a building toy such as Lego, but these creations are large and strong enough to be used as furniture including tables, chairs, and shelving.

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The use of tape as hinges also lends the furniture some level of adjustability, like a table that can be raised or lowered, or even a chair that can completely fold away for easy storage. What could be the best part of this take on cardboard furniture, though, is the fact that the pieces have a special coating making them waterproof. So if you were to spill a drink on your cardboard dinner table, it won't simply collapse into mush a few minutes later. [TapeFlips via designboom]



These would actually be good in a little kids room, if they're cheap enough, as they grow you could simply convert a toy box, say, to a bookshelf or something (at least until they're old enough to want/not destroy real furniture).