Creepy App Lets You Creepily Meet (Creepy?) Strangers

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Here is a recipe: Take Foursquare, remove all potential usefulness. Take the entirety of dating, add all possible creepiness. Mix. Dump in five pounds of salt. Inject into jugular. Mm! You're now using Crowded Room, today's stupidest, disquieting iPhone app.

Crowded Room is made by the same tech conglomerate that owns and OkCupid—two very smart companies. So it's hard to believe something so asinine is now among their ranks. The app is based around the concept of making public the places where you "might go"—a sort of Foursquare checkin for the future. Except it's not the future. It's a possible future. You might go to twenty different places on any given night, or nowhere at all. What worth is there in putting up some list of hypotheticals? Does Crowded Room really think we've come to the point where we need some sort of social network venn diagram to make a group plan? Can't I just text you and say something like this? "Hey, it's Sam Biddle. I'm thinking about going to The Bar. What do you want to do tonight?"

Oh but there's so much more. Crowded Room isn't just puzzlingly useless, it's a way to meet people and have sex with them! And by that I mean stare at the user names of people with similar hypothetical plans, hypothetically message them, and then what—go out on a date because you were thinking about maybe sometime maybe going to the same restaurant?


In what world would any of this work? In what society do people meet up with strangers based on the fact that they have a mutual friend and might go to the same place at some point? [Crowded Room via AllThingsD]

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Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Can you also predict which girl's apartment you 'predict' you'll be sleeping over at? That would ruin your potential chances with every other girl.