Creepy Old Guy Pretended to Be a Pretty Young Girl on Facebook to Solicit Child Porn

James Dollins, a 42-year-old creep with a stressful scowl and receding hairline, has been arrested for soliciting teenage boys for child porn and sex. He invented a persona on Facebook, 'Kelly Redkin', an attractive 19-year old girl, to lure them.

Dollins was discovered when he became romantically involved (electronically, that is) with a 13-year-old boy. He used his persona Kelly Redkin, a girl who was "attending the University of Virginia", to contact the boy and began exchanging text messages, gifts and asked for nude pictures of the boy. When Dollins sent a care package to the home of the boy, his mother grew suspicious and reported it to the police. The police discovered that there was no Kelly Redkin...just a sick and perverted man trying to rob kids of their childhood.


Dollins had been making contact with multiple teenage boys as Kelly Redkin as early as October 2010 and has been charged with 10 counts of electronically soliciting minors for sex and 5 counts of soliciting child pornography. The police are unsure of how he got the pictures to pose as Kelly Redkin, which is sad, as it's probably some random girl on Facebook who has no idea that she was being used. [WTVR]

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