Creepy Taxidermied Animals Now Make Creepy Music Too

Illustration for article titled Creepy Taxidermied Animals Now Make Creepy Music Too

Adding to the bizarre uses of taxidermied animals, David Cranmer made this deceased badger even creepier by turning it into a functioning, and playable, theremin. He calles it the Badgermin, but I call it the source of my nightmares tonight.

I've no idea where he sourced the animal, but the Badgermin's guts are now composed of electronics from a PAiA Theremax theremin kit, with an 8mm removable antenna sticking out of the back of its neck.

As odd as it looks, turning an unsettling stuffed badger into a theremin is rather apropos. The instrument is best known for providing the haunting soundtrack to countless classic horror movies, though, none of them send shivers down my spine quite like this creation does. [Nervous Squirrel via Coudal]

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