Crime Has Hilarious Consequences When You Steal An ATM With a Stolen Backhoe

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I believe Wired's Joe Brown summed this story best on Twitter: "Use stolen backhoe to steal ATM, ditch backhoe, ATM falls off truck, too heavy to pick up. Wish we had a backhoe."

To elaborate, two thieves decided to rip an ATM from its concrete foundation in downtown Phenix City Alabama using a backhoe (also stolen). The plan was to place the pilfered ATM on a flatbed trailer and haul it away. So far, so good. The only problem is that the machine tumbled off the truck sometime later. Way to heavy to pick up manually, the thieves were forced to leave the ATM on the side of the road.

Both the backhoe and the ATM were recovered, although the thieves remain at large. Needless to say, if you happen to live near Phenix city and you see a backhoe driving down the road with an ATM in the digging bucket, chances are it's these guys trying to redeem themselves. Probably not a good idea to risk it though—we have already seen what can happen for just taking a picture of an ATM. [ledger-enquirer via Twitter]