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Crumpler Nhill Heist Lightning Review: Keeps your Laptop Safe Without Getting in Your Way

Illustration for article titled Crumpler Nhill Heist Lightning Review: Keeps your Laptop Safe Without Getting in Your Way

Your morning commute is trying enough without having to muscle a huge bag along with you. The Nhill Heist from Crumpler holds everything you need without getting in the way.


What Is It?

A secure laptop pack that fits you like a shadow.

Who's it For?

Agile commuters, urban ninjas, corporate spooks, NASA employees, and Gizmodo employees.



The shoulder straps attach to the outer edge of the bag so that, when you put it on, they fold over the main compartment's zipper to foil pick-pocketers.

Using It

Put your laptop (up to 17 inches) in the padded sleeve and wear. The bag sits high and tight on your back, allowing you to move through crowds and Parkour around obstacles easily.


The Best Part

There aren't many pockets, but this thing is like a clown car: it holds a laptop, charger brick, wireless mouse, phone, keys, wallet, and change of clothes with barely a bulge.


Tragic Flaw

The fold-over shoulder straps also prevent opening the smaller top pocket —so you'll need to cram all your easy-access essentials in the tiny side pocket.


This Is Weird...

Did this bag just improve my posture a little? I believe it did.

Test Notes

  • Keep forgetting I'm wearing a pack
  • Tends to sit far out on the shoulders when full

Should You Buy It?


Crumpler Nhill Heist

• Material: 900D/300D Rip-stop nylon outer, 150D Rip-stop nylon lining
• Dimensions: 12.2" x 16.9" x 4.7"
• Weight: 1.87 lbs
• Price: $175


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Nihilists you say? Very cool bag, but $175?