Cube Lube: 'What It Takes to Really Move Your Cube'

Illustration for article titled Cube Lube: 'What It Takes to Really Move Your Cube'

This is a real ad found in 1982 comic books— coincidentally, the same year I was birthed by a cylinder of Tinkertoys. [flickr via CavalcadeofAwesome via Neatorama]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

Replace Cube with Cock and you have a modern day KY ad:

We've got what it takes to really move you cock!!!

Cock Lube

Even if you've got all the right moves, sometimes the cock can be tough to move. And that's why there's New Cock Lube - an incredible lubricant specially formulated for the cock and other mind-boggling puzzles that move.

With Cock lube, your cock twists more freely, turns more easily, changes faces with the kind of lightning speed that can really reduce your time.

And Cock Lube's great for all kinds of toys and puzzles with moving parts. Even bikes and cycles roll faster and coast longer with cock lube.

Send for some today.

Because until you try it, you just don't know how fast you can go.

Nothing moves your cock like Cock Lube.