The design of your phone is the result of countless business plans, TCO and ROI analyses. The CUin5 is the bizarro world version of that business plan. Every face includes a keypad, microphone and speaker.

Imagine grabbing it quickly - from inside your bag, from off a shelf, from under a car seat - and freely interacting with it without needing to turn it over or align it right side up?


The "super-practical" interface is also one of several sci-fi design hybrids— or Design Fictions—that will be included in branko Lukic's upcoming book titled non.object. Lukic knows what he's talking about: he spent 5 years at frog Design and then moved to IDEO where he designed products like the TaylorMade r500 golf club and Zyliss salad spinner. The book won't be published until later this year, but a sampling of his absurd concepts will be debuting here in the coming months.

CUin5 [Movie Page]
non.object [Book Page]

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