Illustration for article titled Curly Hot Dog Roasters: A More Refined Take on Your Childhood Summers

June! The month your parents banished you to sleepaway camp as a kid. You'd learn how to waterski, tell ghost stories, and cook hot dogs over the fire using a bent wire coat hanger. Though you're not exactly packing up your trunk, you can still char your weiners on at your next backyard barbecue with these curly hot dog roasting sticks.


For $22 you can recapture some of that childhood nostalgia in a more refined way. Made from stainless steel, the roasters have a playful, pigtail screw on the end where you stick your sausage. They're 34-inches long, so you're not going to burn yourself, and they come with a leather carrying strap. It's quite the upgrade from the improvised campfire tools of your youth. [HiConsumption]


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