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Cut My SIM: The $30 SIM-To-MicroSIM-To-SIM Converter

Illustration for article titled Cut My SIM: The $30 SIM-To-MicroSIM-To-SIM Converter

Sure, you could take the DIY route to turn your SIM card into a MicroSIM and vice versa or you could simply purchase Cut My SIM, a clever, glorified hole-punch.


Cut My SIM is available for preorder and supposedly is a mistake-proof way of chopping up your SIM card. As a bonus, the clean cut means that you can change your homemade MicroSIM right back into a regular SIM without taking a messy DIY route. [Cut My Sim]

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Maybe it could double for a decorative punch for scrap-booking. Like Alton Brown says, "Feh on the single-use tools".