Czech Republic Embassy Could Pass for Elvish Embassy

You arrive through the woods on a circular drive, the shape of which mimics the sensual frosted glass facade before you. The long, curving building is flanked by private gardens. You're at the Czech Republic's new embassy in Washington D.C.

There are some marvelously designed embassies, but none that I've seen have been quite so elegant as this one, a proposal by Czech firm Chalupa Architekti that won a recent competition to design the next Czech embassy in the U.S.


And it's hard not to appreciate the sentiment behind the design, either.

It does not attempt to show what we are like, but what we would like to be like, or how we wish to be seen to the world: open, confident, friendly, helpful, and respectful, considerate to Nature and the environment in general, firmly rooted in rich cultural traditions and with respect to democratic principles; and always ready to help.

Rarely has seeking asylum seemed so attractive. [Arch Daily]

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