Daily Desired: This Electric Motorcycle Concept Looks Vicious

Here's what we know about the Husqvarna E-go concept motorcycle: It's electric, it looks awesome, and at 175 pounds, it weighs less than the average American male—it's prettier, too. Now let's start dreaming.

The best part about concept vehicles—well concept anything, I guess—is imagining the possibilities. Especially in the case of bikes like the E-go concept when we know nothing except that the bike won't be spewing carbon into the air behind it. (Seriously, we know nothing.) There's no clutch, the brakes look like those on a bicycle, and in fact the design looks simple enough that I could just jump on and go. That single-sided front shock is crazy-looking. The bike looks like it's built for off-road trails, but they'll need to put some knobby tires on there because those slicks aren't gonna cut it. If it's supposed to be a streamlined road bike, as Husqvarna seems to suggest, well, I hope they put a headlight on it because there's no way this thing is street legal.


Let's be fair, a lot about the E-go will change—if it ever becomes a reality at all—but I wish I could ride this baby just the way she looks right now. [Husqvarna]

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