iPhone obsessed? Me too. Here's a quick and easy guide to all of the fanboy deets that were discovered in the last day or so.
•Definitely will be sold online via Apple Store. Some sites didn't know which, but Apple just updated. (duh, but this is a roundup.) [Apple]
•Contract cancellation fee will be $175. [Macrumors]
•When out of stock in stores, sales people will take orders for mail delivery, with delivery in 3-5 days after launch. [USA Today]
•Same USA Today's piece has a sidebar about "200 field technicians who have been secretly testing the iPhone and looking for technical glitches for more than 10 weeks and counting."
•Can read Word, Excel and PDF Files. No editing, though. [Giz!]
•A Free iPhone Developer Camp is going on in the Bay Area, July 6-8, focusing on web apps and turning desktop widgets. [Apple Insider]
•2000 temps will be hired for iPhone launch, so bum rushing the store would not be wise. [USA Today...again]


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