Dailylister: The Cross-Country Craigslist

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Social networking? Psha. Communication? I smell a bubble. The most important function of the Internet is online window shopping. When I need to unwind, I pull up a fresh browser window and start pretending I'm in the market for a Porsche. Giddyup.

But here's the thing: Ebay Motors is played. There are no deals on the 'Bay—only dealers. And Autotrader? Do I look like a retiree in the market for an overpriced Pinto-mill Mustang?

No. Craigslist is still where it's at. Spammy old Craigslist. The only problem is how stupidly devoted it is to your actual physical neighborhood. We can fix this. Dailylister can fix this.


I used to be a slave to my zipcode too, people! I used to only search for cars in my area! And, honestly, when all you want is look at pictures of a car you could technically afford but have no business buying and send tire-kicky emails to its owner, why does it matter where the damn thing is? It doesn't. Dailylister, the nationwide Craigslist kludge that takes your search term and applies it to every Craigslist in America, will save us all. You could be ogling an old Guzzi in Omaha. Eyeing a Spider in Idaho. Or you might just summon up a cherry SR5 in your backyard. Or near a buddy's house. Your pulse quickens.

I know nothing about this website except that its servers are located in Newark, NJ. And that it is horrendously designed and completely addictive. Just like Craigslist. And that the typography is criminal. Just like Craigslist. And that half of the search results are invalid by the time you click on them. Just like Craigslist. Sigh.

But the thing is, the half-baked design makes you feel like you've discovered something: like you're in on a secret from one of the oldest halls of the Internet. Except the site itself is only about a year old. Judging by the Google ads and janky banners, it might hold out for another year. Here's hoping.

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Bogus Maximus

See also: Searchtempest.com. A fantastic tool for searching multiple CL areas. It's how I found my first motorcycle!