Dark Knight Rises casting rumors make us wonder if Clayface is in the mix

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Rumor has is that Charlize Theron and a few other Hollywood beauties have been are being courted for the new love interests in The Dark Knight Rises. But even more excitingly, one of these ladies could bring Clayface with her.

Comic Book Movie got a tip that Theron has been approached to play Detective Sarah Essen, who will be the love interest for Jim Gordon. This character winds up having an affair with Gordon, and it's implied that Essen might be shown to be the real mother of Batgirl. Odd, as we thought Nolan already addressed the Batgirl story, in Batman Begins, perhaps not.


The next big tip from CMB is the one that has us really excited — actresses Kacie Thomas and Vera Farmiga have both auditioned for the role of Julie Madison, a possible Bruce Wayne love interest. These are two very different actresses indeed, and honestly we hope they go with Farmiga, but let's focus on the character Madison for now. Madison is a socialite/actress, who was actually engaged to Bruce at some point or another. Still the most interesting thing about Madison is her involvement with the villain Clayface. Madison is eventually cast to remake a classic film that originally starred B-list movie star Basil Karlo, an actor not handling his aging very gracefully. Naturally Kalo is beyond pissed about the remake, and decides to start murdering all of the people involved, until Batman intervenes. Who knows if this storyline would turn up in the film, but the Clayface-Julie Madison connection seems promising.

I know these rumors are a little heartbreaking for Catwoman fans, but this totally backs up our previous guess that Clayface would turn up in this film. Plus the vain-actor version of Clayface is just dying for the gritty Nolan touch. This storyline is almost too perfect in its timeliness, with all the remakes running rampant in Hollywood.