DarkFader Says Sorry For Ruining Your DS

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The hax0r who released the Nintendo DS bricker trojan horse woke up from his coding binge full of remorse for his slutty ways.

I do not have clear reasons and I can't blaim the little headache I had at the time. I just had to realize the idea I had after seeing the PSP variant of a bricker. The files do not come with any form of name/signature of me, a thing I would do if it could be trusted. I won't release any more of this crap for DS and I don't think parts of this trojan or the idea itself will emerge in future homebrew releases. The point is probably clear. Do not run any form of untrusted code that just suddenly appears without any name.


He's not proud of the $6.66 donation someone gave him, or for kicking everyone out of bed in the morning without so much as breakfast or pat on the ass. But he wants to be very clear that he was not carrying any viruses, so you've got nothing to worry about unless you mess around with unofficial Nintendo software.

DarkFader Issues Apology Over Nintendo DS Trojan [NDS Updates]

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