Darth Vader Dresses As Koch Brother For Halloween

Image: Twitter

Today is Halloween, which is great for neighborhood kids and bad for those of us on the internet. The Twitter account for the Koch Industries started things off with a bang, sending out a tweet that featured a photo of the first rider of the apocalypse, Charles Koch, in costume as Darth Vader.


Boy oh boy, what a knee-slapper!

As we all tittered at Chuck’s just-a-little-too-on-the-nose costume, however, Bernie Sanders (or, more likely, his social media team) was furiously clacking away at the keyboard.

And a million Facebook meme posts were born.

Hilariously, the photo of the Darth Vader-adorned Koch appears to be old. In 2015, the Koch Industries Twitter account posted a similar photo, apparently in response to an NPR interviewer’s characterization of Charles as the Star Wars villain.


The books in the two photos appear to be the same, as is the placement of various piles of paper, suggesting that the account simply repurposed the photoshoot.


To be frank, however, I’d prefer to imagine that this isn’t a costume at all, and is instead Charles Koch’s version of the Jobs turtleneck or the Zuckerberg hoodie.



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