Datamancer Steampunk Keyboard Reviewed (Verdict: Very IBM Clacky)

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Uber steampunk connoisseur, DRM hater, typist, new father and NY Times Bestselling author Cory Doctorow just received his handmade steampunk keyboard from Datamancer and he loves it. He compares it to a "well-oiled manual" and those IBM clacky keyboards that half of you crazy old bastards seem to really enjoy using to wake up your wives. It's very heavy, very metallic, and if that seems like something you're into, it costs anywhere between $1000 and $1500. Living the steampunk life, Sir Doctorow! [Datamancer]


@Munch: Checked with my wife, but she says it is a 'no go' on the hooker thing for me. Guess I will have to stick with the keyboard. Darn.

I use old IBM click keyboards at home and the office, and people never stop complaining about the noise I make typing on them. At least with this keyboard their attention will switch to the keyboard itself for a minute before complaining again about how loud my typing is.