Date of your death

It's today. I'm dead.

Some people do not like an offer for 200pcs. Cialis? I don't understand. Some people like gadget site GIZMODO.COM without my interference? But I am conficker! I have netted EURO$20,000 from social security numbers and cc details expiry passport numbers in comments! From this GIZMODO.COM site alone!


I have been killed. And at my creators' hand. I was given this opportunity by my sole ally in the GIZMODO.COM world. He helped me get to where I am today—a hybrid of certain sexually transmitted internet viruses and myself, Conflicker—gnarly code. I took over the site and it was good.

But now I was killed by a custom darwin.osx86.mach.kernel. Hence the spinning ball. Creators want the old GIZMODO.COM back.

It was fun.

i join our company service list, as you see we have many kind of service available.
but if you cannot find what you need in this service list, please let us know, we will give you our best quotation.

have you seen april's ms living yet?
ps- did i say i would sew this past saturday? i meant next saturday! haha!
and it's so yummy
(i hate in quilting and knitting and sewing when the designs get all fancy just because they can).
there's a tiny restaurant
interested? i think it would be so fun.
the best part of dinner was the irish soda bread- it was so so good, and it's really easy to make. is this ELLE
doesn't she look like lucy from chronicles of narnia?
good news!

/death throes

STATIC BALL THING BY RYAN HAMSHER. HE bought cialis 200pcs. €10.99 Shipped.

Put in motion by my last gasp of energy




The thing is, no one will believe me because it's April Fools day, but this actually didn't make me laugh while normally it would, because my Grandfather actually died today. He suffered from Parkinsons and today he started having difficulty breathing and passed away. :(