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David Pogue Says Sony DSC-WX1 Is the Best Low Light Point-and-Shoot

Illustration for article titled David Pogue Says Sony DSC-WX1 Is the Best Low Light Point-and-Shoot

Low light camera functionality is the most important advancement in point-and-shoots "since image stabilization came along," says Sir David Pogue. In his latest, he takes a look the Fujifilm FinePix F200EXR and the Sony DSC-WX1's handling of no-flash allowed situations.


While both handle low light pretty darn well (you can check that out for yourself in his gallery), he concludes that the Sony did better than the Fuji more times than not, and it also adds some cool features like a sweep panorama mode and a burst function.


The best part of the review: the video segment where Pogue and his buds go visit a psychic (it is very Mallrats minus the nipple part) and take pictures of her creepy spirit doll in the dim light. Having appeared in my fair share of Pogue productions, I've got to say that psychic should get a Pogie. [New York Times]

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I've got a Sony DSC-W1 and take pictures all the time in low-light situations. Does great.

But I agree, all the photos in the gallery suffer from focus problems. Does this mean some cameras auto focus better than others in low light? Probably.

Sony has been pretty good in low light, even with camcorders. Remember when Sony had to change their tech years ago because the camcorder could actually do infrared style, made people look naked.