Dead Camera Lenses Can Morph Into Beautiful Bracelets

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Normally, images of beautiful things are going through camera lenses, but you can't deny that there's something uniquely beautiful about the lenses themselves. The contrast of the colors on black, the sharp-yet-simple linear designs. It should be no surprise they make super slick bracelets.

Designed by Stefaan duPont over at SDPNT, the bracelets (or "wristbands" if you'd rather) aren't reproductions; they're made from the actual carcasses of once-functional vintage lenses. Naturally they'd long since lost their picture-takin' powers, but duPont found their husks could live a striking second life as jewelry.


The good news is that these are actually available for sale. There's a limited quantity, but you can buy them. The bad news is that since they're authentic, vintage, and unique, they are also pretty expensive. $220 on up. And most are already sold out. Not like you were really considering doing anything but salivating anyway. But maybe there will be more someday. Maybe.

Stefaan's work here definitely draws some worthwhile attention to how damned cool these sort of lens markups are. And while the authenticity thing is cool, it could also be nice to see some mockups that were a little more budget. And while we're at it, maybe we could see some of those geometric designs on some other cylindrical things? We're not all bracelet people. [SDPNT via Colossal via PetaPixel]