Dealhunters: Buy Your Laptops in August, September and April

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DealNews took a relatively standard laptop—Vista-equipped, 15.4-inch, Core 2 Duo, at least 2GB of memory—and graphed the average price over the last year. The findings confirm what we already knew: Laptops are cheapest in the fall and April.


As we all know, August and September are prime times to snag one of those great back-to-school deals, whether you're actually going back to school or not. April is a little more interesting: The price dipped even further than in the fall, and there's no obvious reason like a holiday. We assume the dip comes from most manufacturers announcing new models around that time, and needing to clear out last year's models. The worst time to buy a laptop seems to be late winter and early summer, the worst month being February. Yeah, we all knew this stuff already, but it's good to see a nice neat graph confirming it. [DealNews]



On the other hand, that could be entirely down to this laptop's production schedule pushing out new stock and thus dropping the price. I mean, the graph makes a bit of sense, but that doesn't mean it's correct. And having more than one data point per month would be nice.