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Dealzmodo: $100 Off Xbox 360 Elite

Illustration for article titled Dealzmodo: $100 Off Xbox 360 Elite

You could buy a new 60GB Xbox 360 for $350. Or, if you are reading this post right now, you could buy a new 120GB Xbox 360 Elite for $350 and get two bundled games free. We'll let you decide whether the 60GB version's tweaked RAM placement is worth $100 and a few games. (But just so you know, it is not.) Available at Dell until August 20th, enter V8Q199$GCXJWL$ at checkout to get the savings. Oh, and free shipping, too. [Dell via Fatwallet Thanks James!]


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dammit, I just bought a 60GB last friday! I did trade in my Wii to get some savings though, so this elite purchase would still have cost me a week of halo gameplay, love it!