Dear Nokia: Please Stop Showing Us Phones Until They're Windows Phones

Nokia's got a new teaser trailer out for their shiny N9. And, like most Nokia hardware, it's great looking! Except for what's on the screen, which, as commenters are pointing out, appears to be Symbian. Ugh. Nokia: give us Windows.

Symbian is a train wreck. MeeGo, nobody ever really cared about. Nokia: your future (and only hope) lies in delivering gorgeous hardware paired up with Microsoft's gorgeous software. So whatever the hell this phone is running, don't show it (or any others) off until it's packing Windows Phone 7. All it does is remind us of how frustratingly off-course you are right now. [via PocketNow]

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Jacob Lower

There were a phone in the spot? I just remember a weird sense that recalls me summer