Dear Samsung: A 'Fonblet' Is Not a Thing

Illustration for article titled Dear Samsung: A 'Fonblet' Is Not a Thing

During its Analyst Day today in Seoul, Samsung has been trying to coin a new term. Brace yourselves, because if you thought 'phablet' was bad, then the 'fonblet' is something else entirely.

Tech in Asia reports that the Korean manufacturer wants to establish the term to refer to "a large-display phone with a stylus and handwriting support". Because 'PDA' is too old fashioned and, uh, 'phone' just isn't descriptive enough? Samsung, let's stop this. Right now. Don't embarrass yourselves. [Tech in Asia]

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Nothing to See Here!

srs question: has Samsung ever been able to make a marketing name takeoff? Has Samsung ever been a trendsetter?