Debbie Harry's H.R. Giger-directed music video is the Alien prequel we never asked for

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In 1981, Blondie singer Debbie Harry dyed her signature locks brown and hired Alien concept artist H.R. Giger to design the cover of her debut solo album. He also directed the video for the track "Now I Know You Know," which looks like it was shot inside a Space Jockey facility.

Incidentally, it was when Harry saw the cover Giger designed, which depicted her face pierced by spikes, that she decided to name her album KooKoo. He also directed (and appeared in) the video for "Backfired," superimposing Harry against one of his biomechanical backdrops. Pairing Harry with Giger is strange in any context, but it's "Now I Know You Know" that most resembles a Prometheus fever dream.

[Via Dangerous Minds]