Deeda's Pi Phone Fools Nobody

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Now that everyone who's even a little somebody's getting (ahem, Meizu) into the touchscreen phone game, the nobodies are making some noise as well. Here's Deeda's Pi Phone, which supposedly has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, flash, Instant Messaging, Google Maps, zooming, vibrational touch feedback, bajillions of supported audio and video formats (including MPEG4), UWB, and a calculator—among other things.


The Pi is supposedly the highest in their touchphone line—the lower two being the Kiku and the Menx—and will be available with storage sizes of 8, 30 and 60GB. The entire thing smells of baloney to us. And we're talking the phony kind, not the delicious kind. Mmmmm, baloney.

Product Page [Deeda via Uber Gizmo via Esato]


Steve Jobs plan for domination of the cell phone market is actually working. He notifies the world of this really cool iPhone product, and every cell phone manufacturer on Earth starts devoting all resources to making a copy of a device that does not exist. Then, everyone releases their iPhone clones and find out that it really is an awful design concept that no one will buy. But, by then it is too late — they will file chapter eleven because they used all their money buiding a crappy product.

Then, later in the year, Apple becomes the only cell phone manufacturer around and releases some plain-jane generic phones for the masses.