Defective Toilet Paper Flooded the University of Colorado for Two Years

There are certain things in my life that I really, really hope don't turn out to be defective—seat belts, parachutes, the private browsing setting when I use my girlfriend's computer—but toilet paper might just have made it to the top of that list.

The University of Colorado is suing companies in San Diego and Phoenix over "defective toilet paper" after amassing over $40,000 in plumbing fees over the past few years. The incidents included "toilets bubbling over and overflowing toilets, and toilets that simply wouldn't flush and would cause some flooding and backed up drains."


Apparently there were flooding issues in 27 buildings in the spring of 2009 alone, which kind of begs the question of how it took two entire years of a toilet flooding epidemic before anyone thought to check the toilet paper. [Daily Camera]

Image credit: Shutterstock

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