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DelFly Micro Dragonfly Is Smallest Creepy Autonomous Spybot Yet

Illustration for article titled DelFly Micro Dragonfly Is Smallest Creepy Autonomous Spybot Yet

We told you the tiny DelFly II robotic dragonfly spy cam was just the beginning, and we were right. The same Dutch roboticist is now unveiling the DelFly Micro-with a wingspan of just 10cm and a weight of 3.07 grams, it's the first to be smaller than an actual real-life dragonfly. Granted, the dragonfly being used for comparison is Borneo's Tetracanthagyna plagiata, which has a frankly horrifying 20cm wingspan-the largest in the world, no less. But still, now you're even less likely to realize those annoying bugs whizzing around during your protest march are actually just autonomous insectoid ornithopters keeping an eye on you-nothing to worry about. See it take to the air, complete with live eye-in-the-sky video feed, below.


[DelFly via IEEE Spectrum Blog] Thanks, Erico!

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@liquidsoapdispenser: *sigh* it's so true. Unfortunately, once you go down the rabbit hole, it becomes an exercise in rationalization: "I've spent $200 on parts, I can't give up now"