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With PMA 2007 starting tomorrow, in the middle of all those DSLRs and such are companies dying to help you deal with all that digital data spewing out of those cameras. Case in point is Delkin Devices, which just rolled out the eFilm ExpressCard 34 6-in-1 one adapter (pictured at left) and the eFilm ExpressCard 54 adapter that both fit in Apple MacBook Pros and many newer PC laptops.


The eFilm ExpressCard 34 is the more versatile of the two, accommodating Secure Digital, SDHC, MMC, Memory Stick, Memory Stick PRO and xD memory cards, and it's available now, retailing for $59.99.


The eFilm ExpressCard 54 CompactFlash adapter is unique because it's the first UDMA (also known as Ultra ATA) -compliant adapter, giving you transfers that the company says can reach speeds of over 17MB per second. No pricing or availability was announced for that one yet.

Product Page [Delkin Devices, via DP Review]

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