Dell Doesn't Understand That a "Hard Drive For Laptops" Program Doesn't Fly With Support Customers

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So, this guy sends his laptop to Dell for repair and Dell sends him back a hard drive...just a hard drive in a box. So what's the problem here?

Last week I called Dell Technical Support about my Dell Studio 1537 Laptop and a DVD drive which was making loud noises and ejecting all cds. I had the basic "mail-in" warranty which required I ship them the laptop back. After my phone conversation with overseas tech support I received an empty box with a prepaid packing slip to mail the laptop back. A couple days ago I received both an automated email and phone call that my laptop was coming back to me. This morning, Fedex delivered a refurbished hard drive - yes just a hard drive.

I began my calling spree this morning and spoke to 7, yes 7, different Dell reps who transferred me between technical support, customer service, and back to technical support. After about 90 minutes of phone calls, hold music, and redialing I'm stuck with a 250gb hard drive but no laptop. Who do I call for help?

Oh, so he expected the whole computer to come back to him. I see. Perhaps this is some sort of new "you'll get a hard drive and like it" approach to customer support Dell is trying out. I don't see it working. Incidentally, Consumerist suggests sending emails to in situations like this. Apparently, the messages are routed to an executive relations team that has been helpful in the past. [Consumerist Image via 60 in 3]

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I don't work for Dell, nor do I feel any particular loyalty to them, but I do work in IT, and my company uses Dells almost exclusively. I have to deal with their technical support on a regular basis, and I've generally found them to be quite helpful.

As far as the hard drive goes, I should mention... I've been told by Dell to remove a machine's hard drive before sending it in unless the problem has specifically to do with the hard drive, since this reduces the chances of it being misplaced or erased.

Also, if they determine a particular part needs replacing, they will sometimes send the replacement part separately from the actual machine.

I presume since you say it's "a refurbished hard drive" that you're certain it's not YOUR hard drive?

It's possible that, in the course of running a diagnostic boot on your machine (which can be accessed by holding down the Fn key and turning the machine on), it turned up a hard drive error, in which case they would send your machine AND a replacement hard drive, in which case one of two things has happened:

1. Your laptop was lost in shipping.

2. Your laptop simply hasn't arrived yet.