Dell Laptop Burns Man's House Down, Not Battery's Fault

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A malfunctioning Dell laptop caused a man's house to burn down. Yup, some dude in Maine found out that his Dell Inspiron 1200 started a fire while he was at work. Even though the guy lost pretty much everything, calling it a "total loss," Dell's oh-so-helpful representatives have so far refused to take any action. And no, this has nothing to do with that whole Batterrygate scandal from last year since the guy's laptop wasn't on the recall list.


He suggests that Dell now advertise with the slogan, "Dude, you're getting a burned down house!" What's Michael Dell's phone number?

"Dell Laptop Burned Down My House" [Consumerist]


Does anyone else find it interesting that corporations have hundreds, maybe thousands of laptops working away and sitting around all day long? Has anyone ever heard of a fire burning down a company due to a laptop? Yes, I know there was that video of the conference table with the fried laptop, but that is the closest thing I recall. And yet, it seems that every other week some home laptop user is running from flames. Just interesting, that's all...