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The Dell Wireless 1500 card is available now for Dell XPS laptops and certain Inspiron laptops, but judging from the all the problems that draft N has been facing, we're glad they're releasing this as an addon card and not embedding it in the laptop itself.

The card supports 802.11n as well as 802.11a/b/g, which makes this actually a decent card if you're looking for one that has a/g support. Dell claims that the card gets up to 270 Mbps when in N-mode and attached to an N router with "Intensi-fi" technology. At $59, this card isn't half-bad if you're looking for an N solution to attach to your new draft N router. If you find out later that it's incompatible with the final draft, you can always pawn it off on someone on Craigslist who doesn't know better.


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