Dell Speeds Up Precision Laptop Line with its M6300, Packing Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme Processor

Illustration for article titled Dell Speeds Up Precision Laptop Line with its M6300, Packing Intel Core 2 Duo Extreme Processor

Look out for the high-end Dell Precision laptops, with the new goosed-up M6300 flagship rolling out today. This one slam-dunks Dell's previous-best Precision M4300's 2.4GHz processor with Intel's latest 64-bit Core 2 Duo Extreme Edition X7900, the 2.8GHz processor that Dell says is an exclusive with its mobile M6300 workstations. With its 17-inch 1920x1200 screen, this baby is loaded for bear, aimed at graphics pros, video editors, engineers and artists, and apparently people who are well-heeled, too, because pricing on these hot notebooks starts at $2070. But check out what you get for your money.


Those graphics pros will dig its high-end graphics card inside, the NVIDIA Quadro FX1600M OpenGL, an impressive improvement over the 512MB NVIDIA Quadro FX 360M that was the best graphics card Dell had in the previous generation. In fact, Dell says this new one blasts a 70% performance improvement over its predecessor. As before, Dell's offering a 32GB solid-state hard drive as an option for an extra $554, but if you opt for that, you can't have that speedy 7200RPM 160GB drive the company also offers in its notebooks. And Dell told us again that its solid state drives aren't much faster than the spinning variety, but do offer some power saving advantages.

We've tried out these Dell Precision laptops, and they're packing some serious power and high quality. Even at over $2000 for the cheapest one, this looks like a bargain if you're crunching graphics or video editing. [Dell Precision]



It's good to know that Dell's industrial designers are hard at work recycling the parts from old CD players (chintzy metallic buttons) and security desk boxes.