Dell Studio 19 Multitouch All-in-One Arrives in US of A for $699, No Signs of Swine Flu

Six weeks after Dell's multitouch Studio 19 all-in-one hit Japan, it's finally coming to the US. Despite my penchant for mocking Dell's designers, if you're looking for a non-iMac all-in-one, it's worth a shot.


It starts at $700 but tricking it out with a Blu-ray drive, Nvidia GeForce 9400M graphics and 750GB HDD bring it up to just north of $1200. So as much as Dell designers weren't born for the camera, on the surface, it can be a nice all-in-one for the money. Correction: Originally said that blinged configuration cost a meager $999—it's a little pricier than that, obviously. [Dell]

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