Dell Touts Upcoming Conroe-Packing and Overclocked XPS 700

Nothing like some friendly co-opetition between Dell subsidiaries Alienware and XPS to keep the blood boiling, and the next shot inside of Michael Dell's bucket is the upcoming XPS 700. It'll feature an overclocked and hyper-cooled Core 2 Extreme CPU (affectionately known as Conroe), and will also offer the option of two NVidia GeForce 7900 GTX graphics cards strapped together in SLI mode.

At a meeting with the press, Dell Chairman Michael Dell lauded the upcoming processors from Intel, pointing out the various flavors which all receive a significant power boost by using Intel's Core architecture:

"Conroe is a great part. I think whether you look at Woodcrest, Conroe, Merom, that Core is a huge improvement in terms of performance and power from the prior generation, and we're very excited about what that's going to mean, all up and down the business in terms of the desktop market, mobile with Merom, [and the] Woodcrest servers that are already starting to go out. I think it's a real nice advancement."


Dell also hinted at a limited edition of the XPS 700, similar to the Renegade Edition of the XPS 600, a loaded-for-bear $10,000 PC that sold out in 36 hours.

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