Laptop 2-in-1s never creep past 15 inches, and the thinking seems to be that flipping around such a massive piece of machine would be unnecessarily awkward. Dell has decided to blow up that idea by introducing the new Inspiron 7000, featuring a monstrous 17-inch convertible configuration.

For a Windows laptop in 2016, the Inspiron 7000 has all the requisite hardware—your choice of Intel Core processors, infrared cameras to make use of Windows Hello, a USB Type-C port, a FullHD display, and so on. The new Inspiron comes in 13, 15, and yes, 17-inch models, starting at $750. It’s available starting June 2.


With those specs out of the way, let’s get back to the huge issue at hand: It’s really the beefy 17-inch guy I want to get my hands on. Really, I just want to know if a 17-inch convertible is worthwhile or just a back-breaking beast of machine that weighs an assload. With a 360-degree hinge, the 7000 can be a normal laptop or morph into “tent mode,” so you can comfortably watch movies, or perhaps use as an actual tent because it’s so huge. Of course, Dell could’ve always made a 17-inch convertible, but did it ever stop and ask if they should?

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