Desktop Missile Launcher Puts Firing Control On Your iPhone

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You've probably seen remote controlled dart launchers all over the place, but this updated version transfers launch control from your PC to an iOS device using Bluetooth, letting you play Khrushchev by putting the launcher wherever you like.

When combined with a firing distance of 25 feet, the iLaunch Thunder's ability to rotate and raise and lower its rack of four foam darts gives it a less than lethal range of more than 1,400 square feet. And thanks to a built-in battery that's recharged via a USB connection, you can install the missile launcher anywhere you need, including allied cubicles in order to reach your foes.

Sadly there's no remote camera functionality, so when firing from your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad using the accompanying app you'll need to have a line of sight to both the $82 launcher and the target to properly aim your barrage. Stealth attacks are out of the question, which could lead to inter-cubicle sanctions and embargos if one of your friends is caught with your foam missiles on their desk. [Brando via TechCrunch]