Despite Rumors, Heroes Fly To San Diego

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As much as I hate to disappoint Meredith, fans of NBC's Heroes who happen to be attending this year's San Diego Comic-Con should keep their Saturday afternoon free - Turns out that there will be a Heroes panel after all.


NBC corrected E! Online's report earlier this week that the network's superhero show would be a no-show at next month's pop culture orgy, saying that creator Tim Kring and "some of the cast, but not all" will be at a "small" panel on the show's biggest day. How small is small, and how many is "some of the cast" remains a mystery, but let's err on the side of positivity and hope that this new found modesty will also be reflected in the show's fourth season when it premieres... which is to say, no three-hour premiere "events" with an hour of self-congratulatory filler, please.

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