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Developers: Nintendo DS2 To Be Revealed At E3 With Accelerometer and Higher-Res Screens

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

GDC is over for another year, but the omission of any solid Nintendo news—particularly in the shape of a new handheld console—was not enough for, who spent the whole show digging for DS2 information from developers.


Blogger Raymond Padilla pestered developers for any details they could bestow upon him, and judging by what he published on his blog, his extra-long eyelashes must've fluttered in the right people's faces.

The next console—name still unknown, but let's call it the DS2 for continuation's sake—will have two screens, just like every other DS. However—and this sounds most intriguing—they can be used as two separate screens or one giant screen, displaying the same content spread across both LCDs. They'll be bigger, with "higher resolution," the developers told Padilla, but no word on if they'll actually be HD.


It's hardly surprising, but an accelerometer has been mentioned again—which would offer tilt-motion and all sorts of fun not seen in a portal gaming device since...the iPhone.

There was one last piece of information we hadn't heard before—supposedly the DS2 will perform most similarly to a GameCube or Wii, based on the dev kit. It could also run on a Tegra chip, so speedy performance would be a certain if so.

E3 is being pointed at again for the big reveal, but judging by when the developers are finishing their games, Padilla has reckoned on a late 2010 launch. [ via Kotaku]