Did Google Accidentally Announce Its Next Fiber City?

We've all been quietly—or loudly—hoping that our town would be the next to get Google's speedy fiber. In the wee hours of the morning, Google announced the next lucky metropolis. And then immediately took it back.

As reported by Engadget, Google's Fiber site started displaying a banner congratulating Austin, Texas as home to the newest fiberhood, an announcement which would line up with other rumors that have been swirling. The announcement post showed up around 3AM though, was authored by "SoAndSo" and contained no text. Not too official.


The post has since been removed, with the Googster's April Fool's joke from earlier this week reclaiming its spot at the top of the blog. Unless Google decides to fess up to the truth, we'll have to wait until it's mysterious Austin-based meeting on April 9th. But if you're an Austinite, it's probably safe to start getting excited. And if you're not, it's probably safe to start turning green with envy. [Engadget via The Next Web]

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